Wacky Yet Effectual Corporate Health And Wellness Ideas To Give A Try In 2016

Wacky Yet Effectual Corporate Health And Wellness Ideas To Give A Try In 2016

Corporate Health and Wellness programs act as a staple for the companies that want to attract productive work force and retaining the existing team without much hard work. Going in for these programs becomes must as with this the employee feel cared for and their overall well being is encouraged.
Here is a list of few wacky yet highly effectual wellness program ideas and all those companies out there that want to promote employee health and well being, giving a try to these ideas becomes a must:
1. Gym Anyone:
Corporate Health And Wellness
With many of the employees spending those precious evening hours in the office, setting up a gym at office would be a great idea, the ones that do not have such big space can tie up with any local gym to offer discount coupons on group memberships.
2. Dentist Lounge: 
Corporate Health And Wellness
Setting up an in house dental clinic promises that bright sun shine smile on employees face all 365 days.
Corporate Health And Wellness
3. Energy Revitalizing Nap Corners:Setting up a nap corner in the office promises to give a boost to the productivity.
4. Unwinding Massages: It really can’t get better than a relaxing massage by a professional masseur at the end of the day.
These wellness plans are not going to cost big and you are going to have a healthy team that takes less leaves and this is where the money spend gets justified.
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